New year, New start.

So it’s January, everyone is poor and tired and the weathers rubbish. New years resolutions have been made.. some have been broken some are hanging on by a thread but either way people are trying. I stopped posting here a little while back because things got in the way and I become very uninspired but since i’ve … More New year, New start.

Handbag essentials

So most girls carry a handbag around with them and most girls fill it with unnecessary products, so I thought I would compile a list of things that are a must have in my bag.. As well as a my purse and sunglasses and the things you need on a day-to-day basis! Emergency supply purse- I … More Handbag essentials

Beauty Essentials

I think within every beauty collection everyone has their absolute essentials that work together to create the smooth running of day-to-day beauty. These are mine that I most definitely cannot live without! Please inform me if I’m missing any! Fix +: I use this as a finishing spray, to wet my brushes for eyeshadow, to … More Beauty Essentials

My top fragrances

No one hates to smell bad let’s face it.. and we all loooooove a perfectly wrapped box with a beautiful bottle of perfume hidden inside. Whether it’s a present to me from me or lovingly gifted from someone special I’m more than happy to receive it. I’ve split my favourites into categories because I can’t … More My top fragrances