Summer happiness.

Summer is a difficult time for most people. You have to have the perfect body, the perfect hair, the perfect tan and the perfect instagram. It a tough competitive time which should be relaxing and about just enjoying every second. I am a uni student and also work in education so I spend my year looking forward to summer- whether I am going on holiday or just spending time at home. This year I decided to take a change- I’m doing my own summer this year and I’m going to do what makes me happy.

This summer is different as one of my dogs had a major operation and is recovering at home with me. I love this because it really means I have to relax and stay home and collect my life and who doesn’t love cuddling a puppy all summer? That being said, staying at home, scrolling through social media has made me realise I don’t have the ‘perfect summer body’ but also that no one has the ‘perfect summer body’. Yes it’s true that I don’t love every aspect of my body and I would like to join a gym and change some areas but I in no way think I should do that for someone else.

Most summers you see people around you jetting off on their summer holidays to sit by the pool or on the beach sipping cocktails. In the past I have been one of them people but in recent years our two weeks in the sun have come to an end. I thought this would really bother me and however much I would love to escape and relax by a pool it isnt essential. This summer I have decided to explore my area. There are places right on my doorstep that I have never seen or activities that I have never done and this summer it is my mission to complete them all. Even things like BBQ’s with friends or seeing my family is enough for me this summer. Who knows we might even get another heat wave and I can catch a tan in the garden.. Failing that I’ve always got my trusty friend St moriz.

Instagram has always been a tricky thing for me. Its quickly becoming one of my favourite social platforms but when I stop looking at celebrity pages and start to explore my friends social lives it quickly brings me down. It has to be remembered that people pick the parts of their lives they want to show and can retake a picture as many times as they like or apply a filter (either to make them look like an animal or to perfect their skin- I know which ones I prefer). Nobody leads a perfect instagram life so why should we beat ourselves up about it? Sure we can all take pretty pictures and there is nothing wrong with that but this summer I want to post and capture candid moments of my life. Sharing time with friends or my boyfriend, laughing, joking or embarrassing moments. Its easier to say this than actually press the share button but perhaps i’ll just capture the moments in pictures and then decide what to do with them. Such good days can sometimes be lost people no one takes pictures so my plan is to take as many as I can even if no one ever see’s them.

I think what i am ultimately trying to say is I want to be me this summer and be happy. There is no need to compete with holiday destinations or perfect bodies or the amount spent on swimsuits. Instagram and snapchat don’t have to be the perfect photo album of posed filtered pictures (although if you want that then you do you!). Summer is about being happy, finding peace and relaxing, it’s a time for you to do what you enjoy and not be judged. Maybe we should all try that this year. In a blink of an eye it’ll be autumn and we will be looking forward to next summer already so lets make this one to remember.

Let me know your summer plans or favourite summer memories.

All my love,

Kezza Burd sig


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