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It’s become a rare occasion for me to actually wear lipstick. I think like everyone else I go through different stages with my makeup- to be honest at the moment it’s unusual for me to wear more than the basics. However, when I do wear a full face I am just not that fussed by my lip colour. This might just be because it’s ‘summer’ here in the UK so I haven’t wanted anything more than a balm or oil. That being said I have now been able to decide which lip products I can’t be without.

I will be doing a follow up post as part of my collection insights series containing most of my lip products broken down by category so these are the ones I tend to find myself reaching for most days.

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It has become apparent that my go to lip is now nude. It used to without a doubt be a dusty mauvey pink like macs angel or rimmel 02 if im feeling fancy in the winter. However I have recently moved to a more nude, my lips colour especially if its glossy and shiny- something I used to hate.

First in terms of actual bullet lipsticks I have 2- Mac’s Creme de nude and Max Factor’s Simply nude. I use simply nude more than the mac one but most of the time its a combination of the 2. Simply nude is more pinky and just evens out my natural lip and its so perfect to chuck on in the morning and doesn’t really need reapplying if it wears off as it isn’t noticeable. Creme de nude is more flesh coloured and lightens up the first colour which looks lovely!

Lip liners aren’t something I’ve ever bothered with until I purchased this Illamasqua one in Woo. It is perfect for any colour as it’s such a natural shade but stops bleeding and makes the colours last longer when applied all over the lip.

My darkest instense colour option in the clinique chubby stick intense in Curviest caramel. Its darker than the other 2 and works well for an evening look. Its less pink and more brown but its so creamy it can be mixed with a gloss or another shade to give the desired look.

Simple gloss.. Its hard to find these days as they plump or are sticky or some other crazy job. The Rimmel OH MY GLOSS products are incredible. I have 3 of them in 3 different nudey shades- ones actually clear- and they are a perfect topper over a lipstick or on their own for a natural elegant shine. The shade pictured is stay my rose, I have a feeling I’ll end up with the whole collection soon enough.

Finally oils. I love a lip oil- on its own or over lipstick. I haven’t used a balm since I purchased the Clarins instant light lip comfort oil. Im not one for scents or tastes but this raspberry flavour is incredible. It lasts on the lips for the longest time and really nourishes them. I had this in my bag one day at uni and had to make sure I always had it so my friends could carry on using it. similarly I have fallen head over heels for the Lancome Juicy shakers. I did a whole post on them here so I wont ramble on too much about them. My favourite is Freedom of peach.

Please let me know your lip essentials! I love lips products.

All my love,

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