I wish I didn’t buy… (1)

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I’m not really one for negative posts so I will try and turn this around into a more positive view. Most of these products are not products I regret but I maybe picked up the wrong sort and there’s a better option from the same line and others are just perhaps products I spent a significant amount of money on and just don’t use enough. I am not one to throw out makeup and I am always letting my 3 sisters experiment or doing their makeup and it’s always nice to have a variety. Having said that I have recently gone through my collection so there isnt much thats not used and the bits I did get rid of were either too used or out of date so I threw them away or I donated them to family to try.

First product: Makeup forever Step one- smoothing primer. £14.20

Opinion: On the whole not a bad product however, it just isn’t for me. I do not have a huge problem with pores and this just kind of sit on my skin. Thats not to say  I dont like any of the primers as I am very excited to purchase some more and try them- particularly the hydrating or radiant primers. Luckily I only picked up a travel size. This was a impulse buy at the cash desk in debenhams during a sale. In Fact that’s where most of the products in this post were picked up.

Score out of 5: 3. Not the worst primer ever but just doesn’t suit my skin type. Will be trying others from the range.

primer bright.jpg

Second product: Bobbi brown Blusher x2. £29.50

Opinion: I have never been one for bright pink blushers or matte blushers so I’m still not sure why I chose this particular palette for my collection. The formula of the powders is incredible as well as the pigmentation but I just don’t reach for them. They look great when I do other people’s makeup which is why I have kept them but perhaps there would have been a more suitable option for me- a shimmer brick or normal blush.

Score: 4. No problem with the product, it just doesn’t suit me.

blusher bright.jpg

Third product: Illamasqua Rich liquid foundation. £32.50

Opinion: I picked up the wrong shade and also the wrong type of foundation. I am always sucked into thick and full coverage foundations but my skin does not agree. As a product I am sure there is nothing wrong with it but it just doesn’t sit on my skin well and is very very pale- not something I’m usually complaining about. I will however pick up the Skin base and see how I feel about that.

Score: 2. Not suitable for my skin.

foundation bright.jpg

Please let me know any alternatives to the products ive mentioned and anything you’ve purchased and disliked.

All my love,

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