Essentials: summer makeup

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Expect the unexpected- that’s the realisation I’ve had about British weather. Despite the weather forecast and the first glance in the morning, you can never truly be sure what the weather will be like. After the week of super hot perfect summer weather it’s currently very cloudy with the potential look of rain but also stupidly humid.

I suppose i should be thankful for this weather though as it has allowed me to try and test numerous products to find my perfect makeup combination for ‘summer’. I’m not going to run through every category of makeup as some change day by day like eyeshadows, lipstick and blush but I do have a selection of ride or die summer favourites.

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Personally I am not addicted to primers and haven’t tried all that many. To be honest I’ve never tried one that makes my makeup last or stops creasing. That being said these one does have some sort of affect- the cover FX custom blot drops. I can’t say im in love with the packaging but thats nothing to moan about when there is a product that stops absorbs excess oil. In the past I have never suffered with oily skin which might be why ive not tried an array of primers, however this summer i have noticed a change in my skin and this has become a life saver. Even on no make up days. It isn’t silicony, it doesn’t take ages to soak into the skin and it also doesn’t leave an uncomfortable layer on the skin. It is however £34- but you dont need a huge amount so it’ll last a while.

Having never needed something to control oil i never strayed further than the drugstore for a powder- except one mac one which was a huge flop so we wont talk about that. However much I love my bourjois rice powder or rimmel stay matte, neither of them do wonders for my face in the summer anymore. So when I came across the Kat von D lock it powder I was relieved. I love the fact that it’s got a slight yellow tone to it which works very well on pale skin in the summer. Its promoted as a matte powder which would make sense but when i apply it, it does give some definition with a gentle glow which I may just be imagining. Again the price tag is not as attractive at £22 but I hand on heart dont think ive ever seen so much powder in a container and it blends flawlessly. A new addition to my collection but already a favourite.

Mascara is a huge must in my makeup routine- whether I’m just doing brows and lashes for a very natural day or full face i have to have big lashes. With this in mind I have tried my fair share of mascara and am always swapping them out, however over the last year I have always gone back to the Covergirl lash blast. Its harder to get hold of if you’re in the UK but if you get a chance to try it, take it. It doesnt smudge or transfer or flake- and thats not even the waterproof version.

I’ll leave this here for now- be sure to let me know if you’d like to see a part 2 as there are many more. Also let me know your summer favourites.

All my love,

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