The basics: Skincare

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Lets be honest, I like watching skincare videos and morning/evening routines as much as the next person but by the time I’ve finished them I can’t help but feel sorry for my face for the lack of serums and moisturisers and masks and creams. I like to think, although simple, my skincare routine is more realistic and affordable to the average young person. I have a total of 5 products, 6 if you count the 35p wilko face cloth.

First of all the face cloths- yes they are 35p, yes they do need to be replaced more often than your typical muslin face cloth, but if dried properly and washed frequently they are good for a few uses. It is not always essential to spend a million pounds on skincare. Obviously each person is different and you do what’s right for your skin but this is my cheap, lazy option!

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Okay onto the actual product. Embarrassingly enough, up until a few months ago my skincare routine didnt involve much more than cotton pads, micellar water and the occasional application of moisturiser. When I finished my last bottle of my favourite micellar water I decided to not repurchase it, to force myself to properly wash my face because as bad as I may be I WILL NOT sleep in my makeup.

I didn’t branch out far when it came to make up removal as I now just use the micellar cleansing gel version of the water I love so much. That being said it really does dissolve the makeup quicker and gets every inch of makeup off in a few pumps. I have always hated washing my face with water but this is just about bearable in the evenings over the sink with a face cloth. Its cheap (£3.99), it works and it doesn’t irritate my skin. Is there anything else I could want?

Onto face wash- like I said I’ve never enjoyed washing my face with water, despite loving to swim and be underwater. Go figure. Anyway, the oilier my face has become, the more problem areas I have developed, the more i’ve realised I need to use something ‘stronger’ on my skin. By stronger I mean not strong at all but more than glorified water. I picked up the Simple spotless skin face wash in the vain hope it didn’t sting or burn my face like normal spot targeted washes. Its fair to say I was impressed. Again, cheap at only £3.90 and it has a very gentle exfoliating feel which just makes me feel like i’ve added another step.

Moisturising is always something i have felt i needed to do but have an awful memory and by the time I’m comfy in be I talk myself out of its importance. Since I have been having more problems with my skin I have tried to find the time to use an eye cream and a facial moisturiser twice a day. for my face I use the neutrogena hydroboost water gel. It is £12.99 which is a reasonable price I feel for a deep moisturiser. It can be applied in a thin or thick layer depending on the needs/want or the time of day.  I tend to use a thin layer before I get ready in the morning or a think layer if im not wearing makeup and before bed. It isn’t sticky and has a very mild scent.

As far as eye creams go I’ve never been a true follower of them however whilst picking up some essentials I saw the simple soothing eye balm. My eyes do tend to get sore and are very sensitive so this seemed like the answer to my prayers, and I was not wrong. I haven’t seen it make a huge different to the appearance of the skin but after I have washed my face I do feel like it calms my eyes. At £4.02 you cant really go wrong.

Finally a toner- not something I’m hugely consistent with but do like to use in the mornings as a bit of a skin refresher. This £25.50 benefit moisture prep toner is the most luxury product in my routine and also my favourite. A small but o a cotton round massaged into the face gives a real cleanliness to the skin and adds a freshness I don’t get despite the rest of the products. a small bit goes a long way too- added bonus.

Be sure to let me know your skin essentials- its obvious I need some more recommendations!

All my love,

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