Stress tip; how I stay positive

It can become very easy in life to let things build up and take over so you become very stressed. This is neither good for you or helpful in any situation, so I thought I’d share some ways I try to de-stress and compose myself.

  1. Take a break; sometimes a project or person or situation just becomes too much and stresses you out a lot so just walk away. This doesn’t mean forever but take as much time as you need to recollect your thoughts and come back feeling energised and able to face whatever is happening. Chances are it wont have to be dealt with immediately and you can sort it 5 minutes later.
  2. Make a list; procrastination is my middle name. I’m currently writing this when I have a million and one other things to do but it’s on my list so once it’s done i will have accomplished something. Dont do your list in a particular order and tackle whichever item needs doing. Once its done give it a tick and move on. This really motivates me to get things done instead of stressing over how much is left to do. Break jobs down, this may seem like your list will never end but you’ll be able to cross things off more frequently to motivate yourself to keep going.
  3. Talk to someone; a family member, a friend, a pet, a colleague. Share your problems and someone can help you. They may not be able to help you with the physical problem stressing you out but they can help take stress from elsewhere. I struggled with uni in the first term and became very stressed but didn’t want to talk to anyone because everyone else seemed to be getting on just fine. Eventually a friend told me how she was feeling and I realised I wasnt alone. I eventually spoke to my mum and boyfriend and they did everything they could to get me through my work and helped me around the house and checked up on me. It was just what I needed.
  4. find a calming tool; mine is blogging. I don’t have any pressure from anyone else to upload these blogs, I don’t check the stats daily, I don’t feel I have to do them. So once I’ve written a blog I get the motivation to do some other work because it’s put me in a good place. Find something that lets you be free and open with your thoughts to distract you for a moment from the issues that stress you. It could be reading, going for a walk, the gym, anything that calms you. But don’t let this replace the situations that need sorting.

Let me know your ways of dealing with stress and staying positive.

All my love

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