Illness; getting through the day

I’m pretty prone to getting sick. Whether it be a cold, sickness bug or something small like a headache. Either way they always seem to hit at the most inconvenient of times when you’ve just got to carry on with your day which sometimes seems like an impossible mission. I’m going to share my top 5 tips for getting through the day when you’re ill.

  1. Try to ignore it; I know this really is easier said than done but if you can fight past it until your home you will get a lot more done. Also by ignoring it you can still enjoy yourself and focus on what needs to be done, be it a day out or work!
  2. Pull yourself together; I know how tempting it is to give in to sickness but sometimes you just cant. If you have a lot to do or a big meeting, get up get ready and go just like a normal day. If you can make it through whatever needs doing you can relax after.
  3. Know when enough is enough; this almost contradicts what I’ve just said but sometimes you just have to let it win. If you’ve ignored it and got through as much as you can, go to bed. Let yourself recover for a few days so you are back on your feet in no time.
  4. Listen to your body; people say to try to sleep off an illness like a cold or flu but sometimes you want to be awake purely because being awake in the day is more bearable than being awake all night because you haven’t stopped sleeping.
  5. Drink lots; my go to drink for a sore throat is ice-cold oasis. Some people might like tea or water or fruit juice. Either way keep yourself hydrated especially when you feel the illness starting.

Overall my biggest advice for getting through the day is to just listen to your body and use your energy wisely. Dont go for a run if you’ve got to lead a meeting later that day and all you want to do is sleep.

Be sure to let me know your biggest tips for coping with getting sick! I’d love to know. I’m currently in bed feeling very sorry for myself as I write this!

All my love,

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