Anxiety tip; when you’re alone

Now theres a huge stigma behind anxiety recently and you can only have it if you’ve been diagnosed and its not glamourous and people shouldn’t be saying they’ve got it without consulting a doctor. But really everyone has some form of it. Of course it isnt glamorous and i do not agree when people talk about it like its a new bag but it should be spoken about. This is why people struggle so hard.. because they are forced to keep it a secret otherwise they’ll be seen as a drama queen.

I find the hardest time to deal with anxiety is when you’re alone. I dont mean feeling lonely and alone because that’s a whole different topic. I mean physically alone. Over the past few years I’ve found some ways to help me cope when i feel anxious and have no one near me to confide in so i thought i would share them with you.

I didn’t move away for uni, mainly because i wasn’t sure how i would cope, so that means i commute most days by myself. Although i drive myself i also have to get a bus and walk through a reasonably busy city alone unless someone i know happens to be on the same bus. Before i started university this would have been one of my biggest fears. And in all honesty it still is now but there is nothing i can do about it so i try to manage it in my own way. These ways won’t work for everyone but perhaps you could alter them to find something that suits you.

  1. music: for the first few months of uni i wouldn’t listen to music on the bus or walking because i was scared of who would be around me or that i would get lost because i wasn’t concentrating but how wrong was i? I know feel a wave of anxiety come over me if i forget my headphones. I have the cheesiest playlist saved onto my phone with my favourite songs from when i was growing up. I know there are a million new songs that come out every month but if i don’t know the words or recognise the songs it’s pointless me listening because i lose interest. Instead i listen to songs i know i like which keep me calm and put me in a great mood and i dont stop listening until i’ve reached my destination. I go into autopilot walking through town and don’t think about the what ifs or maybes because i am focussed on something else.
  2. Gum: I always chew gum. This isn’t always for anxiety but it sure does help. Im always the girl with a pot of gum in her bag. Some may say im a chain chewer. This one helps me in alot of situations. When im in a shop i cant have my headphones in so to focus on chewing really puts me at ease and it also comes naturally now so i can relax without thinking about it. Gum helps me in most situations; in shops, in the library, ordering food. Its one of those things that has become a subconscious action that i really notice when i’m not doing it.
  3. Hairband: not just any hairband specifically invisibobbles or such type. The coiled bands don’t cut into your wrist and have the perfect stretch. these are perfect to play with whilst walking or waiting or sitting. And very handy if you need to chuck your hair up. Instead of pinging my arm like alot of people suggest i use it to keep my fingers busy and distract me when i start to feel a bit wobbly.

All these things are very small and seem insignificant to most but to me they make my day run alot smoother. Not only this they are very discreet so people don’t ask questions.

I hope this helps someone in some way and inspires someone to find a way to carry on with their day.

all my love

Kezza Burd sig


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