Life tip; saving money easily

£5 trick.jpg

So if you’re anything like me you must be awful at saving money. I try so hard and save and save and then see something I think i couldn’t possible live without and persuade myself to buy it. And even if you aren’t like that you may still like this little tip because it really will add up.

firstly, get a cup or big bottle or money-box and save any loose coins you have as these will eventually add up and its a perfect way of saving holiday spending money or for a new pair of shoes you’re desperate for.

Now for the main tip.. Save all £5 notes. Whether they are a present or you break and larger note or you find one in a pocket you forgot you had. Every time you lay your hands on one of these put it somewhere safe and never take it out again. If you have spare notes you forget about and don’t use put them in too which will quickly take up the total.

I know this sounds silly because it’s quite rare to get change back in the form of a £5 which almost makes this easier because you’re more conscious of whats happening. Leave the money for a little while without counting and just adding to it and you will be surprised what you can save in a year or even a few months without it being to noticeable.

There are obviously ways round this trick if you need the change you will be receiving. Either put £10 notes in and take 5’s to balance it or ask the person giving the change if you can have it in £1 coins which will way your pockets down but mean you can spend the money.

This is now a trick I swear by after seeing it on pinterest. Let me know if you try this and how you get on. Also leave a comment telling me your best ways to save money.

All my love,

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