Must haves; top 5 candles

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I love a candle. Scented, unscented, in a pot, pillar. Doesnt matter what it is I love how cosy they can make a room. So having to narrow these down was particularly hard.

Yankee candle- Baby powder; This truly is a cult classic when it comes to candles. It has a beautiful fresh scent that’s perfect all year round. In fact I actually have 2 of these burning in my house as we speak. The beauty of these candles is how well they burn. They last for what seems like forever, they burn evenly no matter the size and they give off such a lovely scent even when they aren’t burning.

Yankee candle- midnight jasmine; you can see that I like this one. I had to rescue this to take a picture before it burnt down too much. This is another candle like baby powder that i just love. I can’t tell you why but i really do. It’s very refreshing and clean smelling which i love when i mix with some cosier scents. It again gives off a lovely aroma without even needing to be burnt. I will be buying this one in a jar with my next purchase. One of the joys of Yankee candle is you can buy smaller sizes to try each candle before committing to a huge one.

Baylis and Harding- Midnight fig and pomegranate; This scent is limited edition so I apologise now if you can’t get hold of it but, this scent is the perfect evening scent. I got these for my birthday and they quickly became one of my favourite scents. I also have the body wash and it makes for a perfect luxury bath. May i also just add, the colour is beautiful.

IMG_0043 overlay.jpg

Yankee candle- snow in love; this had to take top spot when it comes to my favourite candle. It’s the only one I’ve had in a medium jar and had to repurchase because ive run out. It honestly is like heaven in a jar. Be sure to smell this one if you come across it. Also how cute is the name?

Diptyque- Rosa Mundi; This candle is now only available in limited edition form however when i got it, it was part of the scented candles collection. It may return to a permanent collection after the collaboration has finished. This has such a mature fresh scent that really opens up any room and it its true; you pay for better quality. This feels a room with scent without evening burning it, which is good as it’s so expensive. Its a truly beautiful candle that is extremely high quality. This would be a perfect gift for a candle lover.

So there’s my top 5 candles. In all honesty the list is endless. Be sure to let me know your favourite candles so I can add them to my ever growing collection.

All my love,

Kezza Burd sigxxx


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