Must haves; single eyeshadows

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It must be said that in most cases I much prefer palettes to singles when it comes to eyeshadows. However there are times I see a colour and can’t leave it behind. Or no matter how many palettes i have i somehow don’t have the right shade.

I am very neutral with my eyeshadows and don’t tend to very much from browns and champagne colours.. This is why some of these colours look the same but I assure you they do very different things.

My most used singles have been depotted into a mac palette so I can travel with them. The beauty of this is that the palette has the exact colours and shades i want so don’t have to compromise.. Perfect right?

IMG_0031 overlay.jpg

L-R: Satin taupe, SoS, Over the taupe, Quick, look busy, Kiss me I’m tipsy, Auburn envy, Quarry, Pixie, Girl talk, Guilty Pleasure, Thank a latte, Sable

I position my shadows according to brand and stack them on top of each other to group them.

Mac: So i only have 2 mac single eyeshadows, Satin Taupe and Quarry. Together these shadows can create the perfect smokey eye in a matter of seconds. Quarry is described by Mac as a soft muted plum brown and is a matte shadow. Satin Taupe is frost eyeshadow and is taupe with silver shimmer. Both of these can be built up to give a stronger colour or can be applied as a wash of colour. They both have purpley undertones so compliment each other perfectly.

NYX: The next 4 shadows are Nyx, one is a prismatic eyeshadow and the rest are hot single eyeshadows. Girl talk is the prismatic shadow and gives a gorgeous shimmer to any eye look. Its described as an opalescent pink but don’t be put off by the term pink. Its much more of a champagne. Pixie is quite similar and described as metallic champagne and gives a similar effect but has less of a shimmer but can be built up. I personally think it is beautiful and although they are almost the same colour, they have completely different jobs. Sos is a cool matte taupe which I quite often use as a transition colour before I start a look. I think this is essential especially when cool toned eyes are good but also as a base for a warm look to lay its foundations as I find cool colours slightly less noticeable. Over the taupe however is a satiny true taupe. This is perfect for darkening the crease or as a transition colour for a darker eye look.

Benefit: I use these four longwear powder shadows to deepen a look and change it from day-to-night. Quick look busy is the darkest of the bunch and is described by benefit as a matte espresso. The smallest bit of this goes a long way in the crease and can also be used with an angle brush as eyeliner or if you were really in a pinch and have dark hair you could use it for brows. Gilt-y pleasure is a golden sand and adds that extra colour and sparkle to a look that the light champagne colours cant. Kiss me im tipsy is a spiced brown, perfect for the outer third of the eye for a smokey eye. It has a slight red and silver shimmer to it so can add that extra something. Finally Thanks a latte, golden brown, which again can be used to deepen a smokey eye.

Auburn envy is a max factor wild shadow pot. I have no seen anything like this colour before and the pan size is much bigger than the others. This is a staple in my collection to warm up a look. It’s also only £4.99!

This last shadow may be classed as cheating. Its one half of a duo set.. However the duo is only £1.99 and the other shadow is also nice. This particular colour is Sable from natural collections mink/sable. This the perfect transition colour for a basic eye look and can be worn alone just to define the crease.

So there you have my must have single eyeshadows. Be sure to let me know what your favorite shadows are so I can check them out.

All my love

Kezza Burd sigxxx


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