Lancome; Juicy shakers

flat lay js overlay.jpg

So these Juicy shakers have been around for a while but I picked up a trio of these in the January sales. The trio came with three varying colours all based around a wearable pink. I purposefully was hoping these would be in the sale because I had wanted to try them for what feels like forever.

They are usually priced at £18.00 per item. The interesting concept of oils being mixed with pigments gives this product a real comfortable feel on the lips and can also be built up to give more colour.

flat lay applicator overlay.jpgapplicator js overlay.jpg

I like to play by the rules so I followed the instructions on Lancome’s website;the more you shake the stronger the colour gets. If you don’t mix them you simply get an almost clear oil which really nourishes lips, if you shake them a few times the pigments mixes a little bit more and by shaking them vigorously you can build up quite a nice pigment. Although you can get a nice wash of colour from these they don’t last very long on the lips because they are an oil. Having said this the application is so easy and they bottles are so compact reapplying it wouldn’t be a problem and when they wear off they don’t live the horrible ring of colour round the outside of the lips. The scent is quite subtle and wears off reasonable quickly.

The three shades I have are;

swatch js overlay.jpgL-R:

  • Peach of freedom: sheer peach
  • Berry love: pop of pink
  • Vanilla pop: deeper berry

Overall I would say these are an incredible product to have in your collection although I’m not sure how many you would need as the colours are generally quite sheer.

Be sure to let me know your thoughts on the juicy shakers in the comments below.

All my love

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