New year, New start.

new year new start.jpg

So it’s January, everyone is poor and tired and the weathers rubbish. New years resolutions have been made.. some have been broken some are hanging on by a thread but either way people are trying.

I stopped posting here a little while back because things got in the way and I become very uninspired but since i’ve stopped posting ive realised how much I miss it. So im back.. This time for good(hopefully).

Im going to put less pressure on myself for likes and views and everything else and just post things i want to. It will still be mainly beauty but i may chuck some food or a summary of a day in etc..

My main aim is to post twice a week, sunday and wednesday. Some may be long some may be short.. I cannot tell what will happen yet but i have a plan so i will try to stick to it. they will go up around 5pm until i get a proper schedule sorted and have a bank of posts to schedule.

So stick around and let’s watch this story unfold..


All my love

Kezza Burd sig xxx


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