Maybelline Master Contour review

I love a chiseled face but unfortunately I don’t have one so I need a little extra help. I had always been a person for powder contour and usually skipped bronzer and just had blush, contour and highlight which I was really loving. Then my sister gifted me the Master Sculpt and Master Contour from maybelline and everything changed.

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There is a powder product and a cream product which are complete opposites of each other. The cream comes in light and medium( I have light) and the powder comes in light/medium and medium/dark(again i have the paler one). Both products are £6.99 and are the typical maybelline standard. I really love maybelline for drugstore products.

I’ll start with the Master Sculpt; the powder product. Having been a huge fan of powder contour before this honestly was what I was looking forward to most. However I was slightly disappointed with the colour. The contour shade was slightly too warm for me. I feel this could be because I am so pale as my Sister had no problems with this, but it is more of a bronzer colour. The highlighter is no as overpowering as some on the market now and I actually like it for setting cream highlighter as it has such a beautiful glow to it. The powders are very smooth and silky and although the colours slightly off on me they are not at all patchy. For someone who is not transparent like me this product would work great for a natural daytime contour.

Now, the Master contour V-shaped duo stick.. this is now a holy grail product within my makeup collection. When I first saw this advertised i was sceptical as the highlight and contour colour are so close together and how don’t they mix and surely it would smudge.. but i was wrong. This product is just so simple and they got it so right. It’s a lovely cool toned cream that isn’t overpoweringly pigmented which i think is great because it’s also so buildable. It says online to blend with fingers but i really like to use the contour brush from real techniques . I also like to dot the contour colour lightly to start with as I find when it’s blended out it’s a lot more pigmented. The highlight colour is beautiful and gives a real glow like  the powder instead of a shimmer. It isn’t the most noticeable which could be a good or a bad thing but it’s also a great base for other highlighters. I use the expert face brush to blend this in!

So for under £7 I really think this products are an essential for contouring. I’m going to keep playing around with the powders and see if I can find a way for them to work for my skin tone but that’s no reason to not like them because they work as eyeshadow or bronzer. I love products that are multipurpose!

Be sure to let me know of any essentials you have in your collection so I can try them! I’m always on the hunt for new products.

All my love

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