Handbag essentials

So most girls carry a handbag around with them and most girls fill it with unnecessary products, so I thought I would compile a list of things that are a must have in my bag.. As well as a my purse and sunglasses and the things you need on a day-to-day basis!Handnag essentials

  1. Emergency supply purse- I like to keep some compeed blister plasters, nurofen, strepsils, sachet of lemsip, period supplies, indigestion tablets, hand sanitiser and some travel sickness tablets. These are all things I regularly need but inevitably don’t have. I keep them in a small coin purse that fits in any bag. This is the most essential thing in my bag.
  2. Tangle teezer- Any hair brush would do but I find these ones are the most compact, especially the travel ones with the little cap.  I find this really useful after a day out in the wind or just to tidy my hair up if I have somewhere important to be!
  3. Small beauty supplies- bobby pins, small elastics, an invisibobble, blusher, small eyeshadow palette, powder, mascara, lip balm,a small benetint and a mirror. I like to think with this small collection I can transform my face from day-to-night. I also have a small eyeshadow brush to blend things out.
  4. Chewing gum- to occupy myself, to freshen up, take my mind off not having a snack, stop me biting my nails. This is an absolute essential that I cannot live without.
  5. Perfume- a small roller ball, a small bottle, a sample, deodorant wipes, anything is better than nothing! This can make you feel so fresh after a long day of travel or before a big meeting. I just love to spritz to freshen myself up!

Obviously this isn’t all I carry in my bag, there are receipts, crumbs, random notes, a million pens but i think truth be told, I can live without these! In fact their absence makes my life easier! Let me know what your hand bag essentials are and if there’s anything I’ve missed!

Also check out my Beauty Essentials breakdown!

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