Lush Haul

Lush haul headerI don’t know why I’m surprised by my actions when I walk into lush. It’s impossible for me to leave empty-handed. This particular trip at the weekend involved me leaving with a whole new stock for my collection… Not that i’m complaining! I thought to make myself feel better about my new collection of bath bombs I would show them to you!

  1. Creamy Candy– candyfloss scented bubbles and oils and butters moisturise the skin. I couldn’t not get this one due to the colour, scent and cute little flower! I’m pretty sure I’ve tried this one before and loved it but in all honesty I love all of them. (£2.95)
  2. Brightside– This I have definitely tried before and loved it but never got round to repurchasing it because I loved the comforter too and always got that so while I still had some of the comforter I thought I would grab another. It is a triple orange scent and adds the perfect pop of summer to a bath. (£4.95)
  3. Milky Bath– again, a repeat but I actually finished my other one a few days ago. I find this moisturising bar great for creating bubbles for your average bath. I don’t use this for a full pampering evening but when my skin is crying for some more moisture. Contains semi skimmed milk and an uplifting orange oil for extra softness. (£3.75)
  4. Pop in the bath– the perfect citrusy scent to uplift or relax. The contrast of the blue and pink really caught my eye. I really love the homemade look and the innocence of it just made it irresistible. (£3.65)
  5. Pink flamingo– This is a reusable bubble bar that I’d had my eye on for some time. Finally I bit the bullet and got it. It has a real fun fruity fragrance that I’m sure I’ll enjoy using! It’s also in the shape of a flamingo.. how couldn’t I? (£5.95)
  6. Rose jam bubbleroon– a bath bomb in the shape of a macaroon… yes please! Unlike most rose scented products this does not have that old lady smell which I’m not a huge fan off! I think I had already tried this but it was obviously too irresistible for me to not pick up again! (£3.95)
  7. Blackberry– This is one of my all time favourites that I always like to have in my collection. It’s so reliable and an immediate pick me up. It might look plain on the outside but trust me it’s bursting with goodness! (£3.35)
  8. Think pink– The cute icing flowers on the top melted my heart and it’s pink. I really am a sucker for cute products. It is another candy vanilla scented bath bomb. (£2.75)
  9. Dragon’s egg– Obviously another product I’ve had and used many many times. It’s full of confetti and a beautiful scent. This is another product I love to use when I need to relax and calm after a long day. (£3.75)
  10. mmmelting marshmallow moment– These were just so cute and delicious that i had to pick two of these up. I was informed by a member of staff that they are the same scent as Candy mountain at christmas so I am excited to try that! I feel these will make a pamper evening that extra bit more special! (£2.00)

Ten items later and I think i may have replenished my collection! Let’s see how long last before i have to go grab some more! Be sure to let me know your favourites from lush; I’m always open to new products!

All my love

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