Beauty Essentials

I think within every beauty collection everyone has their absolute essentials that work together to create the smooth running of day-to-day beauty. These are mine that I most definitely cannot live without! Please inform me if I’m missing any!

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  1. Fix +: I use this as a finishing spray, to wet my brushes for eyeshadow, to refresh my face throughout the day, after my skin care.. This is my holy grail of my collection, in fact it’s one of the only products I’ve repurchased before the old one has run out. I cannot live without this stuff and I wear it even when I’m not wearing makeup! It’s a product of many talents.
  2. A good pair of tweezers: eyelashes, eyebrows, stray hairs.. Again another multi-use item. These are essential for fake eyelashes, separating real eyelashes after mascara, obviously plucking your eyebrows and getting rid of pesky hairs set into your foundation or tangled in your lashes. This just complete the look and allow you to adjust your face without moving any product around.
  3. Pore minimising primer: my personal favourite is porefessional or baby skin but any will do. This is my essential even on days I’m not wearing makeup. Although I don’t actually wear these sorts of products every day I do rely on them heavily when I’m doing a glam look or matte look as it gives a real flawless base to work with. When im not wearing makeup it’s good to minimise texture on the skin.
  4. Waterwipes/baby wipes: Any type will do but waterwipes are my personal favourites, purely because they don’t have many ingredients. However wet wipes in general are good to remove small mistakes, get rid of swatches on your hands, refresh the skin and the first step of a makeup routine(or quickly taking your makeup off after a late night but I wouldn’t recommend doing this too often as it’s highly frowned upon and terrible for your skin!)
  5. Sponge: beauty blender or real techniques or any other beauty sponge that grows when damp. These can be used for foundation and concealer application, cream blush application, baking or skin care application. They are so good for any cream or liquid product and feel so much softer and more delicate on the skin. It’s rare I go a day without using these.
  6. Nail file/buffer: even if you don’t do your nails much i still feel these are essential. I get acrylic nails on my hands but still use these on my toes or if i have a snag on my hands. They smooth and even your nails which automatically makes them look healthier.
  7. Cuticle cutters/ small nail scissors: again just another product to help your nails look and feel healthier. I love these. Small nail scissors also work in the same way but can also be used for trimming eyelashes or extra long hiars in brushes.
  8. Tangle teezer/wet brush: I have found over the years that these brushes cause the least damaged to tangled hair. They don’t pull and they don’t really break the hair which is perfect and they are both great for the shower/bath because they work the conditioner into the hair without filling with water so they’re wet for days like normal brushes!
  9. Invisibobble: for everyday use and after you’ve just styled your hair to do your makeup. These spiral hair ties don’t kink your hair or tangle it when it’s put up. They are perfect if you’ve straightened your hair for the evening but have to run errands or go to work for the day and need it kept back without having to re straighten it!
  10. Micellar water: this is just an essential. My favourite is the garnier one as it doesn’t sting the eyes or have a scent. I mix this with a small amount of toner and use it to remove my makeup or clean my face before makeup and it’s just perfection in a bottle I’m sure.

Anyway as you can probably see none of these are actual make up products because i feel as long as you have your backstage crew sorted the main stage lot will work perfectly. IF there are anymore tips or essentials i should know about let me know and check out my instagram for some more products I’m currently loving.

All my love

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11 thoughts on “Beauty Essentials

    1. I really think they are as good as eachother! They feel similar and perform in the same way! I think I’d say porefessional because the more you pay the better the products tend to be! Porefessional is slightly less oily!

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