Urban decay Naked 2 dupe?

UD v MR Collage

Everyone knows the urban decay naked palettes are cult favourites and I would not disagree with this! I love mine( i have the 2&3). However I placed an order on makeup revolution a little while ago and ordered some palettes without even thinking of a dupe but when they came I couldn’t help but notice the similarities. Soooo after some times of playing with them I have decided: The Makeup revolution Iconic 2 palette is a dupe for the urban decay naked 2! I really should have made the connection with the names..

Both palettes have 12 powder eyeshadows, all in the same order, and about the same amount per colour. I do firstly have to say that although I do love both these palettes the Naked 2 (£38.50) is obviously a lot more luxurious than the iconic 2 (£4). UD have a heavier metal case with a very useful brush and great mirror and MR have a plastic case with no mirror and foam ended brush. This really sounds like this is a problem to me but the cases and the brushes are all extras to me and as long as the shadows are protected I don’t mind.

The consistency of the eyeshadows is similar although the lighter shades in the MR palette are a lot thinner and less pigmented than UD. As expected the shadows feel thicker and more buttery in the UD and slightly more chalky in the MR palette but the payoff on the eye is almost exactly the same!

Overall I think it’s safe to say that the Iconic 2 is most definitely a dupe for the naked 2. The swatches above prove this and you will be saving yourself about £34.. However if you’re anything like me you’ll get both and have no shame!

I would like to find some more dupes from makeup revolution and it seems there may be a few after having a look on the website. If you would like me to do some more write ups then be sure to let me know!

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2 thoughts on “Urban decay Naked 2 dupe?

    1. Thanks so much for your comment! I really love to use both these palettes and they are just so similar! I hadn’t realised until I was sorting through some things! I really want to find some more dupes now! Thank you! xxx


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