My top fragrances

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No one hates to smell bad let’s face it.. and we all loooooove a perfectly wrapped box with a beautiful bottle of perfume hidden inside. Whether it’s a present to me from me or lovingly gifted from someone special I’m more than happy to receive it.

I’ve split my favourites into categories because I can’t bare to rank them from top to bottom.

  1. Bottle design Marc Jacobs ,Honey (energetic floral alluring) £49.50
    • how can you not love a bottle that has cute marc jacobs bees on it? so delicate and pretty it really brightens up any fragrance collection.
  2. Everyday scent Marc Jacobs, Daisy  (well floral.. and is the essence of youthful spirit) £54
    • now I wasn’t sure whether this should win the bottle design, the everyday scent or subtle scent. Really this could have won any of them but it really is a perfect fragrance to just chuck on and be done with it.
  3. Subtle scent Zoella, blissful mistful (light feminine fresh and floral) £8
    • some days you don’t want to do your hair or your makeup, you don’t want to wear anything but jeans\leggings and a hoodie but you still want to feel pretty and slightly put together. This is that perfume. It’s actually described as a body spritz which is perfect because its gives off a lovely subtle but pleasing scent with every move and lasts all day! This is also the cheapest of the bunch by far but it definitely doesn’t show.
  4. Evening Scent- Ghost, eclipse (Invigorating, dynamic and fresh) £34
    • again a beautiful bottle but this really is a gorgeous perfume to spritz on just before you leave for a romantic dinner or a party with the girls.
  5. Body spray-  victoria secret body mists in general £16.36
    • These have to win my vote on this one. They are a perfect top up of scent later in the day or you can layer over your perfume to give an extra flirty smell! I have 4 and love them all equally and the bottles are super cute! what more could you want?
  6. Guilty Pleasure- One Direction, our moment (sparkling juicy feminine)  £10.98
    • yes I know, they aren’t together anymore, this perfume is nearly 3 years old and it’s such a teenage girl perfume but i can’t help but love it. When i look at it i do see 7 year old me with the old barbie perfume but i think that’s what makes me smile. I find the world of perfumes slightly overwhelming and mature at times so to have a pink frilly bottle with lace and a crown just adds that pop of happiness into my collection. It’s the sort of perfume you can put on and automatically be in a good mood.
  7. Best bargain- Givenchy, Live Irresistable (floral and fruity cocktail, sparkling and juicy) £68
    • I had to include this one as it’s a new love of mine that I just couldn’t not mention. I got this perfume in duty-free for around £50 which to me was something that couldnt be missed! It also comes in a beautiful textured bottle.


I am aware that I haven’t really described the official scents of the perfumes but it’s quite hard to convey over a screen but most stores have testers you can smell and I highly recommend you do. Sometimes it’s easier to leave the professionals to the describing and I’ll do the recommending so the descriptions on scents are taken directly from the websites.

So there you have my ultimate breakdown of my favourite scents.

All my love

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2 thoughts on “My top fragrances

  1. I actually have only tried eclipse and would love to try more! I got a sample of eclipse in a beauty box and fell in love straight away, infact I went and got a bottle of it the next day! Thank you xxx


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