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I tend to have quite an unruly head of hair.. I mean it’s not super curly, it’s not super thick and its not super knotty.. BUT it is rather long, it is rather frizzy and god forbid I wanted to style it I would be there for hours. My go to look is straight hair which I’ve managed to master the art of and now only takes me 15 minutes or so. I love the look of big bouncy voluminous waves but my hair just wont hold it so I’ve had to move on to that dream. However I do tend to like a bit of volume in the roots which is hard to accomplish because of the length and although its not thick i have a lot of thin hair. Then I found the Tresemme Beauty full volume collection a few months ago.

I had heard things before about conditioning your hair first and using a mousse before drying but it just never seemed to make a difference and if anything tangled my hair and made it dry. With this pre-wash conditioner you can feel the silkiness as you apply but also once its been washed out which is something I don’t think ive really experienced before. I LOVE that the bottle has a pump, it just speeds up the application as you don’t have to squeeze out the thick product.

It’s obvious to say most shampoos create a thick lather in your hair but this one is nothing like I’ve every used. For the most part when I shampoo my hair it all goes on top of the head with the hope the conditioner will help with the knots afterwards to create a good lather but, without much movement of the hair this shampoo creates the softest thickest lather I’ve ever seen. The hair can be kept flat to save damage and it lathers up so quickly! It also rinses perfectly!

Mousse has always been a product that I’ve steered clear from after the days of using a whole bottle to scrunch my hair as a young teenager. However the touchable bounce mousse adds the perfect about of lift to the roots without making my hair brittle and hard. I apply it to the roots and upper section of my hair when it’s still damp before I blow dry it and work it in gently. It’s unnoticeable when the hairs dry and doesn’t need to be used again until the next wash!

Theres seems to be a million different hair products on the market at the moment that all claim to do magic things so until I found this collection I used to fret about what was best for oily roots but dry ends. What should I use before drying my hair? Should I be using different products in the summer? But this all made it so easy. For the ends of my hair alongside the mousse up the top I use the Dual action maximiser. I work this into the ends and lengths of my hair and it gives great shine and smoothness that lasts for days.

I tend to wash my hair once or twice a week as it just doesn’t need anymore than that.. obviously circumstances providing. The smell of these products is just so clean and i still get compliments on it 3 or 4 days on from the wash. and i do have to say i have noticed a huge difference in shine and smoothness and ease to control throughout the week even when its been plaited or in a bun it’s so easy to just run the straighteners through and its like it’s just been washed. Thank you tresemme for giving me hope my hair can been saved!

All my love

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