Awesome or Awful- Barry M Lips

awesome or awful

Everyone knows Barry M provide us with excellent nail paints, in fact I’m currently wearing three of them at the moment, you know, main finger colours, accent nail and my toes. However  they also have a collection of lip products. I have 16 lips paints and 3 Gelly hi shine lips.

Barry M lip paint swatch

First of all the lip paints: I have a mixture of stains and paints, however there is not much between them all as they all stain slightly. These are the perfect lipsticks for a night out or a long day as they last for hours. The shine and the creaminess wear off and with some colours you do get the odd ring around the perimeter of your lips. I do like to reapply these throughout the day but no where near as much as a regular lipstick. I would recommend wearing a lip liner under some of the darker colours as they bleed slightly and make application look a bit messy. I have not got a lipliner on in the pictures above and you can see with the colours 156, 160 and 162 that they smudge slightly( it is slightly worse in this case because I was doing watch after swatch).

I do find some of the lighter nuder shades are slightly frosty and catch the light a little bit to much for my liking but with a smokey eye it draws less attention to it. You can see that the pigmentation is fantastic with these lipsticks and I do believe the term “lip paint” is correct. They are like nothing I’ve every tried before(and I’m a massive lip lover). They are very comfortable to wear and don’t really have a scent. Im not usually one for bright lipsticks which is why i love these because for a drugstore price you get a highly pigmented, great quality, long lasting lip colour.

The only bad thing I would say about these lipsticks is the colours on the bottom do not truly represent the colours of the bullet and can be slightly misleading but when you get used to the colours this isn’t a real problem.

gelly hi shine swatch

Gelly Hi shine lips.. We all know and love the gelly hi shine nail paints so it was inevitable that i was going to love this lips pencils. They well and truly are hi shine but feel so comfortable on the lips and don’t feel sticky or tacky; they actually feel like a very moisturising lip balm. As expected these do not last as long as the lip paints but they are a completely different formula. The actual ‘lead’ of the pencil is very soft and smooth which is great for even coverage but does make it harder to get a neat line especially around the cupids bow. This could be fixed by just using a small lip brush to line the lips before apply the full colour. There is the perfect amount of pigment to these and they are great to add a little something to a simple look or to keep the attention on a smokey eye. They do need to be reapplied regularly and will transfer onto a cup or if you kiss someone but are less of a problem then the lip paints due to the less pigment.

Both this formulas are very comfortable to wear and very pocket friendly. There are so many higher end lip products out there at the moment that every one raves about, that its nice to find a cheap high quality product. The lip paints are only £4.49 and the Gelly Hi Shine pencils are £4.99.

I am looking forward to purchasing the rest of the collection! I’ll keep you updated!

KezzaBurd x


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